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safe1948976 artist:xsatanielx884 hitch trailblazer7481 izzy moonbow12873 pipp petals10927 sunny starscout11982 zipp storm8650 earth pony352049 pegasus396408 pony1299040 unicorn435456 g537158 my little pony: a new generation13593 absurd resolution70764 adorapipp1080 adorazipp423 antlers2843 blushing235276 bow36862 candy8372 candy cane2796 chest fluff52128 chibi16374 christmas16804 christmas lights2177 christmas tree4969 clothes550898 cute232484 ear fluff40634 female1582157 food86156 hair bow20818 hat106730 hitchbetes352 holiday27225 ice skating460 izzybetes1726 male451584 mane five (g5)2329 mare605707 one eye closed39192 open mouth193739 open smile15112 ornament435 present7262 reindeer antlers557 sack439 scarf27911 simple background491717 sleigh bells22 smiling324374 snowman708 socks80353 stallion146196 sunnybetes1018 transparent background243675 tree40320 wall of tags5284


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