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safe1863923 artist:sockiepuppetry157 hitch trailblazer4468 izzy moonbow8328 pipp petals6322 sunny starscout7618 zipp storm4719 earth pony314325 pegasus357321 pony1208383 unicorn394988 g521438 my little pony: a new generation12501 bipedal40482 blushing222161 chest fluff47752 crying47578 female1503286 grin47240 hoof on chin669 male423587 mane five (g5)1509 mare558405 markings2377 no pupils4724 open mouth176575 sad26859 scared11680 siblings12311 sisters11066 smiling297868 stallion132998 unshorn fetlocks31970


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DarkMech is Best Mech
I’m checking the databanks, but none of those resemble the face of mercy, Hitch.
That said, Zipp’s expression looks a little heated o_o

Accept fate with closed eyes and open arms.
Open on slightly if something has not gone according to plan. That means something worse is most likely about to happen.