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Last art piece of 2021, my Racing Point RP20 F1 wallpaper pinup with Scootaloo is ready!
There are 16:9 and 41:9 widescreen (16:9 triples) versions available, click here to go to my Google Drive folder where I have uploaded the full resolution images where you can download them for free. This one on Derpibooru has been scaled down slightly, so hopefully it doesn’t cause problems on mobile like the WIP I uploaded some time ago did.
If you would like to see more stuff like this, consider supporting me on Patreon, or getting a commission. The art I do with vehicles is a massive time investment (especially this one!), but despite that I want to be able to continue with this for as long as I can.
Enjoy the rest of the year, and I will see you in 2022.
explicit431797 alternate version74148 artist:clear vision125 scootaloo56378 pegasus433241 anthro328080 unguligrade anthro60365 absurd resolution72510 ass73556 bedroom eyes75214 bent over5136 breasts356301 busty scootaloo1478 butt199875 car7645 ear piercing38006 female1657823 formula 1233 looking at you229031 looking back77473 looking back at you24943 motorsport150 nipples219677 nudity468321 piercing56507 pinup3789 racecar321 racing point4 racing point rp203 scootabutt788 sexy40729 smiling349190 solo1319426 solo female215649 stupid sexy scootaloo210 sultry pose2962 tire88 vehicle1209 vulva168067 wallpaper20325 wallpaper for the fearless1961 wings188698


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@Clear Vision
Thanks. I’m always in for little details. It adds something to the image. Specially if it’s a little fan service. And your work is just amazing. Btw, the Ultra resolution is too big for my smartphone to handle. XD
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Clear Vision
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Petrolhead Artist
The one on the front right tyre? That one says:
“Okay, you win. You can stop looking for Easter eggs now.”
Even on the full resolution of this image it’s a little hard to read, but I’ll satisfy your curiosity regardless :)
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