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safe1974084 alternate version69261 artist:pabbley2592 rainbow dash259601 oc838014 oc:anon13069 human204205 pegasus407922 pony1326341 bed50176 behaving like a cat2646 blushing239101 cuddling9677 cute236735 daaaaaaaaaaaw5805 dashabetes10989 featured image1068 female1605826 frog (hoof)17497 hand10827 heart61340 hnnng2634 human on pony petting235 human pov31 looking at you217671 lying down33039 mare619639 offscreen character44058 on back29713 pabbley is trying to murder us38 petting2271 pov17213 smiling331979 smiling at you14241 smol993 underhoof61850 weapons-grade cute4304


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Background Pony #7D74
As an educated guess, I’d say an alternate version means a piece of art where a small change was made and uploaded by the artist of the original image, while an edit is a small change made by someone who didn’t create the original image.