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source needed18893 suggestive173360 artist:thebrokencog1014 diamond tiara11199 princess celestia105214 human204359 breasts344249 busty diamond tiara518 busty princess celestia12263 canterlot club29 celestiara1 commission97041 cougar867 crack shipping4011 drool30376 duo118771 duo female20485 eyes closed121071 female1606447 females only15171 french kiss3167 hands on head509 high res86897 humanized110348 kissing28959 lesbian108689 older34250 older diamond tiara992 shipping230169 sloppy kissing1695 stripper961 tongue play593


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I don’t know what it is, but Cog makes the sexiest Diamond. And it seems the women of MLP agree.
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