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source needed19491 suggestive179304 artist:thebrokencog1043 diamond tiara11370 princess celestia107567 human215451 breasts357237 busty diamond tiara532 busty princess celestia12658 canterlot club29 celestiara1 commission102913 cougar906 crack shipping4089 drool31537 duo133080 duo female22718 eyes closed126468 female1661872 females only15623 french kiss3376 hands on head517 high res89973 humanized113240 kissing29958 lesbian111642 older35658 older diamond tiara1027 shipping236911 sloppy kissing1717 stripper1005 tongue play639


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I don’t know what it is, but Cog makes the sexiest Diamond. And it seems the women of MLP agree.
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