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safe1805541 artist:sockiepuppetry76 izzy moonbow6386 sprout cloverleaf1093 earth pony288806 pony1143397 unicorn365822 g515696 my little pony: a new generation10059 adorable distress592 blushing213125 cream background23 crying46131 cute213212 dialogue70916 duo81677 eyebrows9253 eyebrows visible through hair4798 eyes closed103517 female1451090 frown24819 hape382 heart52090 hug30190 izzybetes1003 izzysprout13 male406129 mare527977 no pupils4456 open mouth165172 open smile5519 personal space invasion931 roleplay in the comments54 sad25905 scared11148 shipping211959 simple background431207 smiling279226 speech bubble25788 stallion124488 straight145103


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Background Pony #F0A5
Sprout:leave me alone
Sunny:hi Izzy me and hitch zipp pipp are playing truth or dare wanna join
Sprout:uh 😅
I’m busy
Izzy:no you’re not
Izzy you coming
Izzy:ok let me go get something
Narrator:Izzy turns sprout into a baby
I need to take my baby if it’s ok sunny
Background Pony #F0A5
Narrator:after sprout got better
he ran away
Izzy chases him
Sprout:gotta go fast gotta go fast
Izzy: oh I could just eat you up
Sprout:your planning to eat me
IZZY:your so cute still
I’m gonna keep you all to myself
Sprout:never stop chasing me
Izzy:never I love this game but I love you always
Sprout:your crazy
Izzy: reminds me of Amy chasing sonic
(Breaking the fourth wall)
Is Amy and who the hey is sonic
Sprout:never mind
Narrator:Izzy chases sprout all day
Izzy learned this from pinkie pie
Izzy uses her instincts to get sprout
Sprout:good she’s gone
Narrator Izzy grabs him and kisses him a lot
Sprout:ahhh unicorn kisses
Izzy:your all mine now and I could just eat you up
Sprout:ahh noo
Izzy:Sprout your mine forever and your so cute I could just turned you into a foal and can cuddle you all up
Izzy:you know I am gonna turn you into my foal with my magic
Background Pony #F0A5
Narrator:when Izzy was about to help him
Izzy:do you need something sprouty poo
Sprout:no just gonna rest
Izzy:do you want me to bring
Sprout:I’m trying to sleep
Izzy:ok good night sprouty poo
Sprout:uhhh yuck
Background Pony #F0A5
Izzy:oh yesssssssssssssssssssss
Izzy:I’m gonna take good care of you sprout
Sprout:why me
The end
Background Pony #F0A5
Narrator:sprout ran off to the movies
Sprout:she won’t find me in here
Izzy:hi sprout
Sprout:somepony save me
Narrator:all ponies ignored him
Sprout had an idea he got hit by a truck
the doctors came and takes sprout to the hospital 🏥
When sprout woke up
he saw the doctor
Doctor:good morning sprout
Sprout:morning doctor
Doctor:well I need to tell you your back and leg are broken
well i am busy with another pony in the hospital
But don’t worry i brought someone to look after you and she became your nurse
Sprout:ok who
Izzy:hi sprouty poo
Sprout oh no oh no oh no
Doctor: have fun
Background Pony #F0A5
Narrator:Izzy blushes a lot
at sprout
Izzy:oh sprout😍💜
I’m out
Izzy:can I come love
Izzy:you love me
Sprout:leave me alone
Narrator:Sprout ran
Izzy couldn’t stop resisting him
Hitch and Sunny and zipp,pipp laughed
Sprout:she won’t find me in sunny s room
Izzy:hi sprouty
Background Pony #F0A5
Narrator:Izzy made sprout a sheriff
Izzy became her queen
Sprout was impressed but not
He ran away
Izzy:come back my sprouty poo
Narrator: Izzy uses teleport to give him a hug and kisses
Izzy thinks
In the future we’re her and sprout are going to get married
Sprout: mom please save me
Phillis cloverleaf:what’s wrong baby
Sprout:Izzy is trying to ?
Uh mom why are there pictures of
Of me and Izzy
Phillis cloverleaf: Because son me and Izzy we had a talk about this and we agree
Sprout:please mommy I need to leave me alone
Izzy:hi sprout💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍🥰
Background Pony #F0A5
Part 3 Narrator: sprout ran again then Izzy uses her magic to not let him run
Izzy: your so cute I could just eat you up
Sprout:ahhhh not again
sprout:I have an idea (thinks in his head)if you wanna be my girlfriend go and make me the sheriff I wanna impress mommy
Izzy:ok 😍
Background Pony #F0A5
Part 2 dating
Izzy:Sprout 😘
Sprout:ahh leave me alone
Narrator:Izzy cuddles him
Izzy puts on a dress and asks out him
Narrator Izzy couldn’t stop resisting him sprout Izzy found sprout and squeezes and says let’s watch a movie
and hold are hooves
Izzy hah you win
Narrator:Izzy still loves him
Sprout ran again Izzy uses her magic to stop Sprout from running
This is a meme
Izzy:I’ll be your mommy
Izzy: your so cute I could just eat you up
Sprout:not this again
Narrator Sprout ran again Hitch showed up with his animals Sprout tells Hitch please you have to hide me
Hitch:ok Sprout hide in one of the barrels
Izzy:hi Hitch have you seen sprout
Izzy: can I please borrow the barrels
Izzy:hi sprout
Izzy:mwah mwah mwah mwah
Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah
Sprout:ahhh unicorn kisses
Sprout:is that a label on my arm
Sprout huh property of Izzy
Background Pony #F0A5
Izzy:your so cute I could just eat you up
Sprout:Hitch help
Izzy:aww your so cute
Izzy I’m gonna snuggle you up and cuddle you all night and smother you with love
Sprout:Hitch please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
Izzy:your so cute Sprout i can be your wife
Sprout:ahh noo
Sunny:aww cute
Sunny:Hitch wanna talk
Sprout: what about me don’t leave me with her
Narrator:Izzy squeezes him and wants to marry him
Sprout got out of her grip
Sprout ran Izzy followed him
Sprout ran and hides in a barn
Izzy found him in the barn he screamed
He ran towards in brigtal wood and hides there and Sprout went to someone’s house
But it was Izzy s Sprout was seeing a lot photos of him in Izzy room and sprout sees a picture of Izzy cradling him like a baby Sprout had enough of her
Then Sprouts mother showed up and she kissed him and hugs him Hitch loves his mommy Sprout said to this to her mother
Cloverleaf looks at Izzy and she wants to have grand children sprout was scared
Of Izzy sprout left Izzy grabs him and squeezes him and cuddles him Sprout couldn’t breath Izzy squeezes him then she and sprout can get married
To be continued
Background Pony #2A89
Sorry, Sprout! You’ll have to learn how to tolerate other races the hard way!
Artist -

These two have a shipping thread on 4chan of all places. Never seen a straight shipping thread of any mlp characters up that long from that place before.
Pone 2.0

One small thing
Sorry Sprout but according to the tropes of romance fiction this means you are now colt friend and mare friend