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Scootaloo won the trophy!

safe2039774 screencap272324 cheerilee (g3)498 pinkie pie (g3)927 rainbow dash (g3)1071 scootaloo (g3)406 starbeam46 sweetie belle (g3)293 toola roola867 earth pony388311 pony1393011 unicorn475442 g38079 meet the ponies54 scootaloo's outdoor play party18 anatomically incorrect5032 animation error2419 bow40188 core seven89 cute245228 female1660405 g3 adorabeam22 g3 cheeribetes47 g3 cutealoo59 g3 dashabetes96 g3 diapinkes98 g3 diasweetes44 group6062 hair bow22753 helmet14249 hooray11 incorrect leg anatomy2019 mare651872 open mouth208909 open smile20297 picture1640 roolabetes60 smiling349900 trophy881 winner85


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