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safe1945426 artist:aleximusprime1739 artist:drewdini125 cozy glow8704 gallus8335 ocellus6306 sandbar6424 silverstream7242 smolder10158 yona6065 oc822818 oc:king kriegspiel10 oc:queen kriegspiel10 alicorn269666 changedling10297 changeling57603 dragon70279 earth pony350415 griffon32416 hippogriff12008 pony1295183 yak5773 dream of alicornication38 flurry heart's story325 alicorn amulet2078 alicorn oc32239 alicornified6539 anklet1260 cozy glow's true goal54 cozycorn833 crown24148 evil3437 evil smirk103 eyes closed117994 female1578786 filly82933 glowing11424 glowing horn24757 high res83892 horn112512 jewelry88490 male450361 mare603683 necklace25242 parent578 ponyville6800 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency513 pure unfiltered evil1873 race swap17708 regalia28795 smug7613 stallion145480 student six1972 wings168958


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