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Actually made this one for… Day 9 I think? And just kept moving it up cause I was using these characters in other ones.
safe1861516 artist:bronybyexception311 artist:estories2796 artist:gurugrendo90 artist:jhayarr231447 artist:luckreza8920 artist:misteraibo185 artist:parclytaxel1416 artist:quanno3212 artist:sollace742 artist:the smiling pony653 artist:tim015139 artist:tiredbrony61 apple bloom53933 lyra heartstrings31110 mayor mare3481 pinkie pie229602 scootaloo53704 sweetie belle51523 deer6869 earth pony313215 pony1205826 reindeer2318 unicorn393892 advent calendar370 balloonie pie112 banner2185 carrot2319 christmas16441 clothes518800 coal172 corncob pipe23 dialogue73657 female1501130 food79853 forest11614 hat99467 holiday25245 lyra is not amused193 pipe780 reindeerified88 scarf26129 scootadeer20 snow15766 snowman676 snowpony370 species swap22133 top hat4633 tree stump571 unamused18487 vitruvian man34


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Background Pony #A9D8
It’s snowpony, applebloom. Not snowchicken.
Same for you, Lyra, whatever that thing is.