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Omg! I love Cadence and Flurry Heart in g5! I wanted to make them crystallized but unfortunately I am having problems with this.. But anyway I’m proud of this edit! I hope you’ll love it too!
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safe1921434 artist:annaxeptable47 edit152185 edited screencap77134 screencap252153 princess cadance36035 princess flurry heart8396 shining armor25424 alicorn264838 pony1268807 unicorn421295 g44744 g531040 my little pony: a new generation13316 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5919 3d97323 clothes540842 crown23376 curly hair998 everfree forest2302 family5002 female1556469 g4 to g5272 generation leap7159 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios201 jewelry86173 male442509 mare589246 older32865 older flurry heart2134 regalia27764 shiningcadance3034 shipping224899 spread wings70938 stallion141523 straight155281 suit7225 tiara5127 trio14962 updo75 wings163427


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@Background Pony #E2AA
I was thinking that the only ones possible to be alive would be Twilight (since she became immortal and the new Celestia (since Celestia lived to be 1000 or more) ) And Flurry heart who is the youngest Alicorn, being the youngest she’d probably still be alive and be Luna’s size. But if they are alive they are in hiding for sure. They don’t want to be found for some reason.
Background Pony #52FB
Well, it doesn’t mention that Twilight and most of the others are confirmed alive in the G5 comics during the time where Sunny and her friends are around, except Discord, and as the comics mentions, he is a lord, so thus, he is still able to live. This proves that Twilight and her friends are gone at this point. The reason is unknown.
Background Pony #52FB
I just love these “what if” pictures where the artist draws G4 characters in G5 style, meaning they are still alive (in the G5 comics, Discord is actually the only survivor of the G4 universe left). I can’t wait to see more. This artist is doing great.