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safe1863931 alternate version59753 artist:cold-blooded-twilight2645 nightmare moon17994 princess luna105113 alicorn253922 pony1208388 crying47578 drool27820 female1503295 filly76931 glowing8544 glowing cutie mark394 glowing eyes12696 protecting626 shadow5413 sharp teeth4574 sketch68781 teeth12255 this will end in banishment41 this will end in pain and/or death172 woona5228 younger18815


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@Background Pony #E051
My thoughts exactly.
I always imagine NMM is a split personality but also essentially a coping mechanism for Luna’s loneliness(and bottling up how she feels) but also a defense mechanism to remove anything that is causing Luna problems.
Background Pony #E051
This would have been an interesting take. Say Nightmare Moon is more like a construct of Luna’s mind she had made as her ‘friend’ when Celestia eventually got wrapped up in running the kingdom and left no time for her little sister. Said friend becomes the thing Luna clings to when more and more ponies ignore the work she puts into her night and protecting their dreams, and in her deepest moment of despair when she feels even her sister no longer loves her, Nightmare Moon takes over both to protect Luna from any further pain and to destroy Celestia in a misguided attempt to destroy what she perceives is the source of that pain.