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Twiggles isn’t normally a coward, at least where snakes, cheese, bats, and ladybugs aren’t concerned, but that’s one big angry spooder. Those things are normally content to leave ponies alone, but when some clod swoops through their forest and wrecks up the web it took them a good hour to make, well, they get a little irate :P
safe1881763 artist:badumsquish2184 derpibooru exclusive32002 rainbow dash251456 twilight sparkle322388 oc788291 alicorn257309 drider187 monster pony4040 original species29665 pony1228297 spiderpony490 angry30721 bondage38330 bound1946 bound and gagged1323 cowering277 dialogue74836 doorstep11 fangs30500 female1519650 floppy ears60207 frown26502 gag16480 giant pony5102 glare8533 glasses72579 high res76665 house2722 leg hold118 macro12256 mare568077 ponyville6534 red and black oc1793 round glasses328 shaking hoof32 show accurate21664 size difference16822 solo1197659 spider web801 tail52038 tail between legs138 threatening431 tied up6817 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133686 unamused18878 web gag22 yelling3564


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@Dirty Bit
She’s largely neutral. She’d definitely eff up someone who attacked her, and venom is deadly, and even a dry bite from her would probably kill, but she really doesn’t want to. She’s fierce and has a foul mouth, but not evil. It’d actually take a lot to make her resort to using her fangs though. Like, if Dashie pulls this stunt again she’d probably leave her webbed up in a porta-potty, or dangle her from a tree and spank her butt or something XD
I actually did everything I could to give her as fierce of an appearance as possible, while implying that she’s actually pretty civil. Glasses to imply she has at least a practical relationship with society, and Dashie looking pissed off that she’s been tied up, carted through town, and called a “pet” rather than being scared or beaten up, how she brought Dashie to Twilight’s house like an angry neighbor returning an animal or a kid that wrecked up their yard, and of course that Dashie did, in fact, do her wrong (albeit accidentally) XD
@Background Pony #D179
It’s not the “spider” part she’s scared of, so much as the “10 times her size with fangs the length of her horn” part XD
It’s the front-door of Twiggles’ house. It was just a weird angle because of the size and placement of the spooder :P
She has a somewhat poor at best understanding of pony hierarchy. As far as she knows power = authority and the weaker ones are basically the property of the stronger ones XD
@Clever Clovers
Spooder: Wow, your owner sucks.
Dashie: She’s NOT my owner! But yeah, she does. Sometimes. :P
She can make up for it by keeping her goddamned pets out of the spooder’s goddamned webs XD
@Background Pony #909F
Just don’t stick around for dinner. Unless you want homemade animal soup fresh from the husk. You don’t have to make excuses either, she knows her way of eating is disgusting by other creature standards but she still feels obligated to offer a meal if you visit her parlor XD
@Background Pony #D16E
The males are much smaller. And much quieter :P
@Clever Clovers
I mostly went with red and black because I wanted to use black widow colors, but she’s not actually based on a real spider. If anything I think I based her on the Black Tiger from Resident Evil :D
@Background Pony #7830
Threat display. Real spooders raise their legs and show their fangs, this one adds loud vulgarities to that XD