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oooh noo where did this mistletoe come from, I guess we have to kiss now~
Best lesbian horse couple in the show
safe1949426 artist:pokeshadow14 applejack186538 rainbow dash257445 earth pony352219 pegasus396605 pony1299619 appledash7178 blushing235332 couch10445 feathered wings1566 female1582518 gray background10354 imminent kissing965 indoors4972 lesbian107736 looking at each other26989 looking at someone6592 lying down31526 mistletoe1985 shipping227481 simple background491983 wing hands2482 wings169828


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Background Pony #9039
Rainbow Dash: You got a boyfriend huh?
Applejack: Yeah. His names Carmel.
Rainbow Dash: Here Applejack hang this in her house and invite him in. That way you two can kiss under it.
Applejack: What is it?
Rainbow Dash: A mistletoe.