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safe1863338 artist:chub-wub582 applejack181065 fluttershy227853 pinkie pie229768 rainbow dash249613 rarity195089 twilight sparkle320174 earth pony314048 pegasus356993 pony1207785 unicorn394704 chest fluff47743 cute220600 cute little fangs2502 fangs29947 floppy ears59333 grin47184 hiding behind mane30 lidded eyes35290 looking at you196628 mane six33949 sharp teeth4572 simple background456552 smiling297625 teeth12239 white background115622


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

These are great. I love how Rainbow and Rarity are flaunting it, Pinkie is loving the hell out of it, Twilight is happily playing along, Fluttershy is reluctantly playing along, and Applejack is like “huh…”. Just really captures the character’s attitudes.