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safe1945387 artist:redxbacon2099 princess cadance36369 princess flurry heart8488 queen chrysalis38717 shining armor25636 alicorn269650 changeling57600 changeling queen20813 unicorn433536 anthro309777 bisexual6184 cadalis425 child2245 chrysarmordance231 clothes549370 cute231826 exoskeleton115 fangs32434 female1578749 filly82935 flurrybetes1038 horn112506 lesbian107547 looking at each other26895 looking at someone6472 male450346 middle finger1280 misspelling2817 open mouth193014 open smile14909 pants18377 polyamory7440 shipping227113 shirt31676 shorts16858 smiling323357 straight157155 tail61963 thumbs up1211 vulgar23153 wings168943


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Background Pony #F862
hmm… i dunno i don’t buy shining armor of all beings, being slob enough to run around with a stained shirt and unshaven… unless the stains happened just earlier when someone threw a coffee at him.