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“J-Just dont tell Fluttershy that is it natural fur.”
suggestive159959 alternate version59726 artist:severity-gray238 twilight sparkle320144 alicorn253779 pony1207540 absurd resolution69271 alternate hairstyle31237 bedroom eyes67043 coffee4292 coffee mug1532 collar37929 crown21786 cutie mark51620 eyeshadow19326 female1502607 fur coat165 jewelry80219 latex14097 latex suit4490 leather1641 looking at you196582 magic80853 magic aura5602 makeup26872 mare557962 mug4986 open mouth176406 open smile9353 ponytail20935 pose6955 raised hoof54523 regalia25550 rubber2084 rubber suit580 shine279 shiny3008 side view2173 simple background456436 smiling297567 smiling at you9861 solo1184175 solo female195658 spikes807 transparent background230195 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132487


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@Background Pony #8601
Yes, hehe. As well as Flutters in latex.
@Train Track
Indeed, air is the main factor of insulation. Fur protects due to the warmer air stuck between the hairs, and clothes can insulate due to trapping air between the layers and body. Latex is not good for insulation, if it is skintight.
Background Pony #8601
MMmmm yes. Flutters incoming with a sheet of latex, humping Twilight from behind, wrapping the sheet around Twilight’s face ~
You should definitely draw that
@Train Track
Well, it prevents sweating, so if you’re hot then you’re not going to be able to cool off. But given how skintight it is, it’s less insulating than air, so I imagine it wouldn’t be particularly hot if you’re in a chilly environment (less so than normal, not skintight but rather air-filled, clothes).