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🌺Go, Rainbow Dash!🌺
If she roll a 30, she can reach the star. Will she?
safe1878687 artist:fipoki40 rainbow dash251146 pegasus364289 pony1224550 clothes524739 cosplay30635 costume32601 crown22232 cute222781 dress50595 high res76233 jewelry81611 mario party83 mario party superstars3 parody16271 princess peach534 princess rainbow dash45 rainbow dash always dresses in style1763 regalia26080 smiling302384 solo1195193 super mario bros.4293


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Broken Ball of 💽TM21
I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason she’s Peach, but I can’t help but think she’s not familiar with her character and only registers Princess=Awesome and Powerful in the Pony Way.
Which to be fair is true of Peach to an extent.