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Yep, thousands of years later and that damned clearing in the Everfree Forest still manages to pump out the occasional evil clone of someone who stinks of harmony and friendship :P
safe1864006 artist:badumsquish2159 derpibooru exclusive31624 sunny starscout7624 earth pony314362 pony1208448 g521458 my little pony: a new generation12511 the mean 61752 advance wars21 bag6190 bedroom eyes67082 button983 clone3058 doppelganger107 everfree forest2188 evil clone24 female1503385 forest11638 frown26043 grin47244 lidded eyes35309 log767 looking at you196740 mare558453 mean sunny starscout1 meanified10 megaman legends32 messy mane8489 mocking251 open mouth176591 raised hoof54572 resident evil449 saddle bag6493 smiling297887 smirk14543 solo1184743 tree37465 twilight sparkle's cutie mark171 umbrella corporation13 unshorn fetlocks31976


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@Background Pony #C1BD
@Background Pony #D707
Instead of idolizing ponies from the past, she idolizes fictional evil organizations :P
@Dirty Bit
@Background Pony #1383
@Clever Clovers
Just be careful. It’s awkward to hang out with her since she uses a lot of slurs. Like, a LOT a lot of slurs. She’d think nothing of looking a zebra in the face and dropping a hard R XD
@Background Pony #2B70
She’d basically actually be Sprout’s fantasy of unicorns, but then they’d end up together XD
Careful, she bites :P
@Background Pony #80E0
Evil Haven would basically be a powerless Daybreaker, while Evil Pipp would basically be like if Darksyde Phil was a unicorn XD
Background Pony #D707
@Background Pony #C1BD
Or it could be merchandise from a pony pun resident evil in g5. there was harry trotter, dirty prancing, and horns and judgement neigh movie posters. So maybe ponifyed resident evil is a franchise in g5
Background Pony #43F6
Then a Slime monster came and fucked her and kidnap her away to thier wet moist nest.