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Originally posted on: January 30, 2021, 12:26 PM UTC
Mlp Next Gen Royal Package of Adoptables Auction
little star Don’t trace it, steal etc.
little starDon’t use it without buying/ permission of me or owner of the OC
little star If you bought one and want to resell, don’t make price higher than original
little star NO HOLDS, sorry
little star If you’re not sure that you really need it, or if you’re not sure you can pay, Don’t say that you buy it in comments.
little star If you buy it, you can change anything: ships, hairstyle, elements etc. Just let me know
little star Credit me for the design
little star Please, read the payment methods carefully
Payment methods:
pink heart {big} PayPal
pink heart {big} Points
pink heart {big} Payoneer- if you have Payoneer account
pink heart {big}If you live in Ukraine- payment on my PrivatBank card
*I take payments only in dollars!
Sunset Shimmer x Celestia
Luna x Trixie
SB: 15$
AB: 35$
Chrysalis x Twilight
SB: 15$
AB: 30$
Cadence x Fleur
SB:L15 $
Cost: 30$
safe1861405 artist:elementbases471 artist:just-silvushka162 oc777414 oc only576659 alicorn253526 pony1205700 unicorn393841 alicorn oc30501 base used26474 cloak5049 clothes518750 curved horn8049 eyelashes19056 female1501033 grin47110 hat99453 hoof shoes6727 horn98321 interspecies offspring8781 magical lesbian spawn13864 mare557065 offspring44589 parent:fleur-de-lis433 parent:princess cadance1909 parent:princess celestia2504 parent:princess luna2718 parent:queen chrysalis1320 parent:sunset shimmer1639 parent:trixie2134 parent:twilight sparkle9391 raised hoof54412 simple background455577 smiling297098 transparent background229855 unicorn oc17268 wings148850 wizard hat1010


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