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Death Note, but it’s SilverVerse
Aaah, I’m so tired.
I was inspired by this poster of Death note:
716ASj7z2GL. AC SL1000 by Just-Silvushka
So here we have Prince Eclipse as Yagami Light, Twilight Sparkle as L, Luster Dawn as Amane Misa, Sunny Rise as Mello, Starlight Glimmer as Ram and Silver as Near.
This NextGen belongs to me, galaxy-sentry-24 and Sweet-Psycho-UwU
safe1860955 artist:just-silvushka162 luster dawn1819 princess celestia100661 princess flurry heart8127 princess luna105007 starlight glimmer52678 sunset shimmer68840 twilight sparkle319886 alicorn253443 pony1205211 unicorn393648 the last problem6721 bust60614 crown21718 ethereal mane9718 female1500624 glowing8439 glowing horn22921 gradient background15391 horn98229 jewelry80015 magic80741 mare556795 older30300 older flurry heart1992 older twilight2299 peytral4361 princess twilight 2.02935 regalia25473 royal sisters5177 siblings12255 sisters11032 smiling296932 starry mane5357 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132363


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