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Do not forget the fact that the skeletons we found underground was pure luck. The location and timing has to be perfect in order for something to become a fossil. There are propably more extinct species we do not know about only because there are no fissils of them.
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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

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Typing up this for a second time because of a bug in Philomena that made my previous attempt not post at all. Apparently, if you open a page and type half your response in the morning and then return to finish at the end of the day, it doesn’t actually post when you hit post. Filing a bug report once I post this. See bug #148 on the Philomena GitHub.
There are at least four categories of fan fiction rather than merely canon-compliant vs. AU. As @harasha456 pointed out, the same exact story may be canon-compliant in 2011 and then an AU in 2014.
  1. Canon-compliant. It could fit into the existing story without modification.
  2. Canon-inspired. The author and official writing team took diverging paths. Stories may retroactively be moved from canon-compliant to here due to later developments in the official media. A different timeline in the same Equestria.
  3. Light AU. Think of all the stories set in an Equestria where Nightmare Moon won. It’s recognizably Equestria but a different Equestria than FiM.
  4. Very AU. EqG if it were a fan project rather than an official Hasbro series. Names, color palettes, and (sometimes) personalities are about all that is shared with the source material.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Old hippogriff
not much is changing then remember how we used to get our older fanfics ruined by later canon especially changeling fics.

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“Technically, AU implies something drastic enough to unquestionably separate a given fanfic from canon. The term ‘alternate universe’ implies that the show’s world and its timeline or setup is, itself, different.
If a fanfiction deliberately follows the events of canon and fits well into the suspension of disbelief for events that could have happened off-screen, AU is not the term you’d use. ‘Psuedo-canon’ or something similar might be more accurate.”
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“Isn’t all fanfiction technically an AU?
So, why would anything that happens in Gen. 5 or whatever else stop fanfic authors?”
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@Background Pony #0774
I mean that’s a reality vs fantasy deal, this is just talking about two big chapters of a series with a huge time gap between them. The movie didn’t do it, but depending on what others have written for the time gap, what happens in the G5 show could ruin some theories people have.
Background Pony #AA0F
I don’t get this “ruin G4” shit. Remember The Land Before Time? Or Ice Age? All those cute little animals helping each other and having adventures. Well, they are all dead. Extinct. End of the line. Never to be seen again, except their bones in a museum. Does that ruin the show and everything they accomplished?