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Background Pony #27BD
the achive on the Tumblr seems to be broken. Tried to read past chaperts and keep getting error messages

Allow me to rephrase: From his debut to now, I don’t particularly care for Triton. However there is always a reason that kinda show what the the guy’s about and every action no matter how minor defines the character. Tri-Horn is similar to Nihashi where he’s supposed to be an outright asshole–particaly to make other look better. And I admit right now I desert the character, but I’m willing to see what his ultimate deal is. It is a bit cute ith him and Tavi though.

“Filthy.” say the three-horned freak of a unicorn….
POT and m….f…g kettle, Triton.
I get your obsession and “love” for Octavia and your extremes to protect her, But I still hate your guts and wants you better dead than alive. There better be some reason he is like this.
Background Pony #2ED1
So… are we going to have any backstory for Tri Horn?. Any explanation as to why he acts the way he does or how he came to be?.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Is that a 5*?
If that is Coco, than the odds aren’t bad for that being Zecora (don’t think we have seen her yet in this series).
Could also be that she’s more “dog” than guard.
Background Pony #6D23
Why did Tri Horn say that quote twice? “Fine, but if one of you filthy animals touches her, you’re all dead.”
Background Pony #6D23
I’m starting to wonder, did tri horn came in contact with a lot of mutagens or was he born looking that way?
Artist -

Reginald Jollybellend
Goddamn. So while Spike is having fun altering the gene pool of the Rouge Diamond, all the other characters are sex slaving away for a walking steroid PSA! This next chapter’s gon be gud
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I Open at the Close
…Is that Zecora? Also, if Coco is the ‘Guard’ Dog, how scary is she in a fight? Terrifying.