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August ‎26-October ‎14, ‎2021.
Art originally posted through my Patreon. For $1 patrons get to view personal art one month early, and exclusive WIPs and sketches, and for $3 they gain access to the PSD file.
Clothed >>2756260
Open shirt >>2756261
Undies and hosiery >>2756262
Undies only >>2756263
safe1861762 artist:king-kakapo1242 part of a set15954 fluttershy227701 twilight sparkle319979 human180329 bench2916 blushing221840 boots25917 breasts315475 clothes518879 duo90557 duo female15207 female1501364 fluttershy's cottage1668 high heels13189 high res74404 humanized105707 looking at you196303 multiple variants2148 pantyhose3700 ribbon7783 shoes44472 skirt44738 socks75158 thigh highs43260 vest4329 zettai ryouiki2034


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