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A tough day at the office, Celestia and her two sexy secretaries need someone who can take care of their feet 😉
Art by: art-2u  
DeviantArt page:
suggestive159629 artist:art-2u465 princess celestia100649 principal celestia3891 sci-twi27323 sunset shimmer68835 twilight sparkle319863 equestria girls222275 barefoot30727 bedroom eyes66928 big breasts95975 breasts315270 busty princess celestia11343 busty sci-twi936 busty sunset shimmer6314 busty twilight sparkle13484 cleavage38328 commission85035 cougar786 crossed legs3711 desk3697 feet45384 feet on table253 female1500345 fetish45078 foot fetish8874 foot focus3191 glasses71499 keyboard1318 legs9707 looking at you196049 office1031 paper3603 secretary272 sexy34291 smiling296817 smiling at you9774 soles5180 sweat30428 sweaty feet180 teasing4216 thighs18457 trio13220 trio female2822


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