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Indeed it older games. I'm sure we still want this regardless as a staple feature in every kind of video game regardless of whether its cheating or not. I bet one of my friends would like that for Deltarune since I know that Chapter 2 is very stingy with save points.

I see.
What? I do not remember the Bags of Dragonite ever working against you.
And yet I've usually done brute force runs and rarely every touched buffs and debuffs. You sure you don't have to do any grinding? Cause I've heard from people that they didn't like how slow the game is and yet isn't every RPG slow to some extent?
Wow really? All I remember doing with the Carbon/Diamond Dog fight is bringing one Multi Bottle Rocket to skip Carbon Dog and get to Diamond Dog right away.

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So you only played it to see Undertale's origins? Personally I think playing the original game would be a wiser choice before going into the Halloween Hack due to how unbalanced everything is in there.

And the Halloween Hack's version of Megalovania can be easily found on Youtube.
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