Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! 13 years of FiM, and 40 years of MLP, so let's celebrate with an art event!
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Something relaxing to do on a day off is casually draw for fun. Based off of

artist needed27901 source needed21619 safe2089914 izzy moonbow18174 sprout cloverleaf2351 earth pony410920 pony1448817 unicorn499484 g559422 my little pony: a new generation14473 blushing257099 cute252199 dialogue87232 duo149040 female1710660 food95209 high res93086 izzybetes2203 izzysprout49 levitation15420 magic92270 male518000 mare684575 pizza2621 shipping242410 sitting86577 smoothie938 sproutbetes156 stallion177009 straight169463 table12233 telekinesis37115


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Yes, because for the fact that Izzy is the secondary hero and Sprout is the villain in the film, this proves that this counts as a “hero + villain” shipping (although the “hero + villain” tag does not exist on this site, this tag could prove useful for images in at least ponies as protagonists being shipped with ponies in the opposite role). Fans shipping Sunny with Sprout also counts as a “hero + villain” shipping.
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Sprout got a lucky punishment, gettin a new girlfriend being nice to you despite everything.