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Happy Turkey Day everyone! Here’s some turkeys!
The day after Turkey Day, anyway. November really got away from me.
Well, Thanksgiving has passed, there’s a Christmas tree in my house now, “All I want for Christmas is You” is on the radio, and a glass of eggnog has just appeared next to me. I guess that means Christmas must be coming. I’ll see you all for it.
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safe1918838 anonymous artist3314 big macintosh30756 fluttershy233184 oc809884 oc:late riser74 bird10903 earth pony338474 pegasus382472 pony1266464 turkey314 series:fm holidays238 animal costume2548 baby11973 baby pony7662 clothes540146 colt17330 costume33325 eyes closed115147 family4997 female1554291 fence3418 fluttermac3411 high res81051 holiday25629 looking at you207292 male441613 mare587976 offspring45614 open mouth187479 open smile13090 parent:big macintosh3856 parent:fluttershy5862 parents:fluttermac1698 question mark5492 shipping224688 sitting75410 smiling315304 smiling at you12196 stallion141104 straight155114 thanksgiving453 tree39162 turkey costume84 unshorn fetlocks33958


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