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safe1865135 artist:mellodillo131 princess celestia100832 princess luna105143 twilight sparkle320380 alicorn254104 pony1209540 unicorn395463 age difference3080 eyes closed109453 female1504340 grayscale41606 hug31501 implied lesbian3899 implied shipping5723 implied twilestia170 lesbian103921 mare559028 monochrome158290 onomatopoeia5567 raspberry1123 raspberry noise357 s1 luna7716 shipping218658 simple background457287 sitting72120 sketch68812 speech bubble27874 tongue out118675 twiluna1590 unicorn twilight22349 white background115795 winghug3241 wings149576


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Likes image backgrounds
Oh goodness… xD
The laugh I got from such a simple comic is proof humor isn’t rocket surgery.
or I’m just an easy laugh… ^^