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safe1994768 artist:mellodillo228 princess celestia105896 princess luna110031 twilight sparkle335771 alicorn278847 pony1347493 unicorn457021 age difference3527 eyes closed122891 female1624952 grayscale44571 hug34002 implied lesbian4278 implied shipping6351 implied twilestia177 lesbian109755 mare630256 monochrome165039 onomatopoeia6688 raspberry1238 raspberry noise371 s1 luna8059 shipping232542 simple background512124 sitting80187 sketch73928 speech bubble33007 tongue out130778 twiluna1638 unicorn twilight27124 white background134162 winghug3516 wings180179


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~intimidatingly gentle~
Oh goodness… xD
The laugh I got from such a simple comic is proof humor isn’t rocket surgery.
or I’m just an easy laugh… ^^
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