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Started this years ago, was supposed to show off some kind of dynamic, yeah it’s been awhile just have it. Got tired of sitting on a 3+ year old unfinished vector.
safe1808258 artist:lightningbolt978 derpibooru exclusive30635 earth pony289933 pegasus332363 pony1147013 undead2764 unicorn367189 zombie2474 zombie pony811 .svg available8764 bags under eyes2159 bone3330 bring me the horizon485 clothes497988 computer6554 couch9192 crossed legs3529 disguise5489 disguised siren807 drinking3789 drop dead clothing223 ears back1086 fangs28411 folded wings8123 grumpy2706 high res68665 hoodie15841 horn88175 kellin quinn429 lamp2916 lip piercing1287 lying down23005 mountain dew200 nose piercing2961 oliver sykes436 pierce the veil115 piercing45840 ponified43039 prone27436 scar12913 shirt27648 sleeping24572 sleeping with sirens413 smiling280168 soda can309 sonic the hedgehog (series)7682 stitches989 svg3871 t-shirt4943 tattoo6171 torn ear855 trio11819 trio male97 vector80022 vic fuentes86 wings136365


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