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Ah shit here we go again. God I missed drawing these two!
Today I give you two silly little doodles of the beans.
Sometimes AJ will be so dirt tired by the end of the day, she won’t have the strength to walk so far. So Spike would have to be her crutch or just carry her. Tsk tsk Applejack, she needs to learn to stop working for so long and let her body rest. or is she just pretending so Spike can carry her? Maybe, I dunno.
Sometimes Spike will overstep his boundaries when it comes to food. He found a sugar cookie jar hidden under the sink and just dug in to it without a second thought. It was going on for almost a year. He usually took just a few, but one time he straight up grabbed the entire jar. Little did he know that AppleJack was walking behind him as it happened. Busted.
Based on true events.
Have a great Thanksgiving my fellow Americans! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go steal some pumpkin pie.
<3 :iconbellbell123:
safe1783623 artist:bellbell123102 applejack175642 spike81547 dragon60399 earth pony280237 pony1083754 applespike830 bags under eyes2117 caught3540 cookie3867 cookie jar377 crumbs278 cute209899 dialogue69763 eating10162 eyes closed101352 female1432422 food74955 high res36179 implied apple bloom201 male399073 mare518109 older28524 older spike5649 resting555 shipping209309 simple background421793 speech bubble25332 straight143160 sweat28514 sweatdrop3549 tired3305 white background106108 winged spike8680 wings130506


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And then Apple Bloom breathed fire when she found out Spike has been stealing from her cookie horde.