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Rainbow Dash Kebingungan
safe1786540 edit139421 edited screencap69841 screencap232992 applejack175817 fluttershy220497 pinkie pie223120 rainbow dash241804 rarity188432 sci-twi26059 sunset shimmer66039 twilight sparkle310463 blue crushed327 equestria girls211971 equestria girls series36157 forgotten friendship5773 i'm on a yacht838 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15309 blackpink6 clothes489225 facepalm476 humane five3773 humane seven2797 humane six3583 k-pop45 swimsuit30480


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Background Pony #7CD3
I assumed rainbow was disappointed to be at the back, which you would think is more fluttershy’s place, rather then the front. Curious