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April... fools? Well not fools. Just a game. Have fun! (Original post updated, please re-read it) Info here.
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safe1999828 artist:sockiepuppetry208 hitch trailblazer8881 izzy moonbow14892 pipp petals12978 sunny starscout13797 zipp storm10284 earth pony373446 pegasus418173 pony1351886 unicorn458848 semi-anthro19610 g544922 my little pony: a new generation14015 bipedal44517 blushing243097 clothes569718 cosplay31776 costume35732 crossover69430 doki doki literature club250 female1628359 hitch trailblazer gets all the mares69 hitch trailblazer is not amused125 implied hitchpipp29 implied hitchzipp23 implied izzyhitch14 implied shipping6365 implied straight6071 implied sunnyhitch16 male470465 mane five (g5)2601 mare632014 markings2837 open mouth202689 parody16750 school uniform8576 siblings16117 sisters13746 skirt49068 stallion157123 this will not end well2171 unshorn fetlocks37636 wtf2643


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Background Pony #6CA6
Ah yes we got:
Sunny as the childhood friend
Izzy as the strange and beautiful (secretly crazy) one
Zipp as the tsundere
And pipp as the popular president of the club (JUST PIPP)
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Background Pony #6CA6
Pipp should be Natsuki instead because smol.
Yeah but Zipp fits the tsundere thing more, also Monika is popular and a good singer like pipp
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Background Pony #5E49
Right away I knew what this was and that iconic intro flute and piano started playing in my head.
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Background Pony #F9BA
Hitch the harem protagonist!!
we got Sunnyori (Sunny as Sayori)
we got Izzyuri (Izzy as Yuri)
we got Zipptsuki (Zipp as Natsuki)
we got Pippnika (Pipp as Monika, oh no…. JUST PIPP!?!?)
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