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Originally posted on: June 22, 2019, 8:43 PM UTC
MLP[NG SILVERVERSE]Sparkling Moon Sentry
“So many books, so little time”
Sparkling Moon Sentry
Sparkling, Moony (by father)
Species: Unicorn
Place of Residence:
Ponyville, The Castle of Friendship
Twilight Sparkle (mother)
Flash Sentry (father)
Prince Shining Armor (uncle)
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (aunt)
Flurry Heart (cousin)
Ave Maria (cousin)
Twilight Velvet (grandma)
Night Light (grandpa)
Coat: Pale gamboge
Eyes: Moderate cornflower blue
Pale, light grayish cyan
Mane/Tail: Dark sapphire blue
Moderate phthalo blue
Light sapphire blue
Light yellowish gray
Gradient: Very light sapphire blue
Special talent: can easily clone items
Silveria Midnight
Spiracle (bf)
Sunny Rise
Flurry Heart,
Flaws: Always too honest and sincere, it does not always benefit her.Can not keep secrets.
Element of Unity: Honor.
Likes: Peace, Quite, sunny days, comics
Dislike: quarrels, lies, noise
MLP FIM style:
1579207339440 by Cutie-Silver-Bastard
safe1864823 artist:just-silvushka162 oc779191 oc only577784 pony1209240 unicorn395341 base used26599 bow33692 eyelashes19220 female1504034 hair bow18519 horn98835 mare558869 offspring44666 parent:flash sentry3422 parent:twilight sparkle9405 parents:flashlight2927 reference sheet14769 smiling298083 unicorn oc17410


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