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Originally posted on: May 22, 2019, 8:00 AM UTC
MLP[NextGen] I need to defeat you!Part 10.
**Characters used:
MLP[NextGen]Enigma by DaydreamGlimmerYT
Mlp Base: horse butts by Quartziie
Perfect Body Dream - Base by S-oujiiSan
MLP Base 221
MLP Base 249 by ElementBases
MLP[Background] In the cave of harmony by me**
Enigma came to the cave of Harmony To defeate the New Tree of Harmony
**Luna-**Stop this, Pandora! It’s wrong way!
**Enigma-**Urgh!My name is Enigma!Dear Luna, just join me!You just like me!Lonely, scary…
**Luna-**I am not like you!I forget my dark past!
**Enigma-**Oh, come on, dear, little Luna!Your sister leave you, and now you here “the knight of harmony”,sitting here alone!
**Luna-**No!It’s very responsible work!To save Elements from evil creatures like you!
**Enigma-**Oh, I am not bad, I just want to help you!Join me, Luna!
**Luna-**No!Even if I am not Princess anymore, I can use my magic!
**Enigma-**Stupid Luna, there is your scare Nightmares!
Enigma create the Nightmare creatures, and they subjugate Luna
**Enigma-**What do you say, my dear?
**Luna-**Your Highness…
**Enigma-**Already better…I’ll deal with Elements later!Now, guard them!
**Nightmare creatures and Luna-**Will be done…
safe1860879 artist:just-silvushka162 oc777072 oc only576408 oc:enigma79 alicorn253435 pony1205147 alicorn oc30496 base used26465 cave3754 evil grin5090 eyelashes19029 female1500582 glowing8438 glowing eyes12679 grin47089 horn98219 magical lesbian spawn13860 mare556766 nightmarified710 offspring44580 parent:princess luna2718 parent:tantabus38 parent:tempest shadow2411 smiling296913 story included10327 wings148692


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