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Originally posted on: May 21, 2019, 9:17 PM UTC
MLP[NextGen] Let’s find the Tree of Harmony!Part 9
**Characters used:
MLP[NextGen] The Mane 6 by DaydreamGlimmerYT
Mlp Base #3 Group 8 by EmoWolf832
Background: Twilight’s Castle Library 2 by EStories**
Daydream find her friends, and they go the safe place, into library
**Daydream-**Okay, it’s not for long time.Let’s find the decision to stop this all!
**Amethyst-**But there is so much books, how we can find right book?
**Rock Magic-**I think, If we work together, we’ll find it!
Ponies start to seek
**Silent-**Um, Daydream…I found something…What about Elements of Harmony?
**Daydream-**But, the spirits of harmony are…defeated…
**Daydream-**Yeah, it’s sad…
**Jonagold-**Hm, Daydream!What if you and Amethyst will combine powers, will you are can use them like Princess Celestia?
**Daydream-**Guess, it might work!I heard, that Princess found the new tree of harmony, so first thing, let’s find it!</h1>
safe1861699 artist:just-silvushka162 oc777532 oc only576709 oc:amethyst140 oc:cinnamon cane3 oc:daydream glimmer9 oc:jonagold46 oc:rock magic4 oc:silent dash9 earth pony313307 pegasus356325 pony1205974 base used26478 book36893 earth pony oc14925 eyelashes19061 female1501288 flying43081 high res74402 indoors4441 looking up18871 magical lesbian spawn13866 mare557218 offspring44591 parent:applejack4608 parent:coco pommel259 parent:coloratura492 parent:fluttershy5713 parent:maud pie487 parent:pinkie pie4717 parent:rainbow dash6562 parent:rarity4982 parent:starlight glimmer1700 parent:sugar belle431 parent:sunset shimmer1639 parent:twilight sparkle9391 parents:flutterdash360 parents:marshmallow coco38 parents:rarajack230 parents:starmaud44 parents:sugarpie39 parents:sunsetsparkle398 pegasus oc19698 smiling297183


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