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safe1861467 artist:sockiepuppetry154 grampa gruff403 prince rutherford812 princess celestia100690 princess ember7393 princess skystar2207 rain shine519 thorax4791 alicorn253541 changedling9504 changeling54175 dragon64664 griffon30386 kirin11015 pony1205767 seapony (g4)5765 yak5230 my little pony: the movie20138 alicornified6139 biting4229 blushing221802 claws5678 comic117652 crown21732 crying47514 cute220312 dragon thorax4 dragonified1765 ear bite1680 eyes closed109109 female1501084 griffonized1268 heart54872 jewelry80055 king thorax3253 kirin-ified778 male422823 mare557090 ponified44186 race swap16202 regalia25491 seaponified2874 shapeshifting370 smiling297115 species swap22131 stallion132613 transformation12659 yakified49


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