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Artist’s description:  
Once upon a time there was a little pony named Fluttershy. She was a pegasus filly that lived in the clouds until one time … she fell from a cloud, she flapped her wings and legs but It was useless, she didn’t know how to fly. The despair that she felt was perceived by a group of butterflies rescuing her. Fluttershy was puzzled and didn’t know what was happening, but she realized that the creatures of that beautiful place were very kind, suddenly an explosion in the sky scared all the animals, Fluttershy immediately tried to return the favor trying to calm them down with kind words. This is how Fluettershy started taking care of animals and discovered that she could understand animals.
No Sonic Rainboom:
safe1785917 artist:darksly441 fluttershy220441 butterfly7474 pegasus323244 pony1087414 blank flank7820 bush2930 cute210162 eye reflection730 female1434421 filly72044 filly fluttershy736 folded wings7511 grass10515 hair over one eye9617 head turned152 high res42045 looking at something2851 looking up17642 outdoors12350 reflection3427 shyabetes14851 smiling272779 solo1122114 sonic rainboom1114 standing13725 three quarter view1782 tree34699 wings131066 younger18013


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