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Frank’s magic is at an average level for a unicorn, he isn’t amazing, but he isn’t terrible, he’s perfectly adequate. His special talent relating to his magic is in how he can create fireworks, of any size, color, shape, at any time. He mostly uses this to enhance his performances with visuals, but he sometimes just uses fireworks to show off or have fun casually too. His special talent also shows itself when he gets excited, in all the ways that could be, and he shoots out small bursts from his horn, and they’re not quiet at all, so he’s very noisy without even trying to be. Despite being called fireworks, they’re actually just magic particles and don’t produce any heat or smoke or ash, so they’re perfectly safe indoors and to the touch, they otherwise behave like fireworks.
safe1862164 artist:lightningbolt993 derpibooru exclusive31554 pony1206595 unicorn394237 .svg available9073 clothes519046 ear piercing31818 fireworks2207 frank iero33 gauges334 glowing8474 glowing horn22935 grin47132 hoodie16521 horn98481 horn piercing201 lidded eyes35261 lip piercing1363 magic80801 male423012 my chemical romance206 nose piercing3104 piercing48425 ponified44201 raised hoof54465 simple background456006 smiling297293 solo1183470 stallion132697 svg4045 tattoo6482 transparent background230006 vector81245


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