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safe2172830 artist:uotapo1104 smolder11301 sunny starscout21461 dracony9011 dragon85332 earth pony445652 hybrid31266 pony1601022 g42027279 g575290 my little pony: a new generation14774 artificial wings3036 augmented4296 bait and switch793 chest fluff65426 comic135288 confused6679 dragon tail350 dragon wings1219 dragonified2158 fangs40057 fins3545 funny5486 funny as hell631 magic96540 magic wings1489 one eye closed45685 open mouth237226 smolder fuel8 solo focus29320 species swap26620 speech bubble39153 sunny dragonscout4 sunny starscout is not amused189 sunset7750 sweat40504 sweatdrop6832 tail100406 thumbs up1365 transformation15580 unamused24011 unshorn fetlocks46632 wings222631 wink32895


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Element Of Luck
Huh. Sunny does kinda have a color pallette similar to Smolder’s.
…going off that logic, I think Izzy’s gonna turn into a seapony due to her color pallette matching Silverstream’s the most.