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izzy and pinkie were meant to be bffs :(
#mlpg5 #mlp #FANART #pony
safe1994991 artist:ponchik_art10 izzy moonbow14795 pinkie pie240473 pony1347733 unicorn457154 g544547 my little pony: a new generation13982 blushing242541 bracelet13034 cute239614 dialogue81933 eye clipping through hair11377 eyebrows16324 eyebrows visible through hair8125 female1625169 figurine1931 friendship bracelet402 glowing13422 glowing horn26004 grin54091 horn121089 izzybetes1885 jewelry93447 mare630379 smiling338367 solo1287438 speech bubble33016 unshorn fetlocks37464


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