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safe1811022 artist:pwnagespartan46 izzy moonbow6526 pipp petals4468 pegasus333659 unicorn371213 anthro281872 g516080 my little pony: a new generation10433 adorapipp461 balloon10702 choker14232 clothes498916 cloud33493 compass139 cute213731 dialogue71087 dress48009 duo82466 duo female13478 female1456178 hammer1829 height supremacy34 high res68868 horn88685 horn impalement829 implied hitch trailblazer24 izzy impaling things71 izzy is tol20 izzybetes1022 larger female912 marelet26 overalls1857 paint2070 paint can86 pipp is short131 screwdriver393 size difference15775 skirt42864 smaller female218 smol776 thought bubble3774 tools258 winged humanization9028 wings136953


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Background Pony #D38C
I’ll be hoenst I really like this anthro. Wish the artist can do more soon. Homework calls, though (likely HS. See Twitter link).
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
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Artist -

(Foil Hat)
Sunny would be up to the horizontal pencil, and according to word of god or a book or something Zipp would be up to the visible button on Izzy’s overalls. Subsequently, Pipp would just barely reach the hammer in Izzy’s pocket. Hitch would be somewhere between the two pencils, while Alphabittle would be as tall compared to Izzy as Izzy is compared to Zipp. Sprout would be at Izzy’s shoulder, Phyllis slightly shorter, and Haven shorter again by the same amount. A pegasus doorway would reach the tuft of Izzy’s hair near the thought bubble, an earth pony door would reach the tape ring, and unicorn doors I wouldn’t know. The Neo CMC would reach the three horizontal yellow lines, at best.

Ultimate Side Character
i like how pipp is like a super good and well written character who contributes a lot, but everyone only knows her for being short