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Anon has his uses.
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Background Pony #36F7
@Conscious Donkey
It’s hard to say by just the picture (the original, not the one with Tia and Anon) the horse doesn’t seem to be freaking out, and the angle of the chainsaw looks odd, it looks like it’s going almost straight down. Just speculating, but I wonder if they aren’t just cutting a notch out of it to make prying the trees apart easier.
Conscious Donkey

Cutting the tree is not the best approach in the real world, though. Unless the horse is accustomed to chainsaw noise, it may become panicked and cut itself badly against the trees. And when trees fall, their end tends to jerk violently, which could injure or even kill the horse. The safest way would be probably to pry the trees apart with a big jack, so the horse could free itself.