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The one I uploaded earlier, >>2743639 (merged), was acquired from Twitter, and evidently Twitter converts PNG’s into JPG, thus killing the transparency support, and even asking Twitter for a PNG gives just a JPG->PNG conversion which doesn’t support transparency either (lacks the alpha channel); it’s just an extremely lazy (and unnecessarily complicated) file format conversion instead of storing the original PNG.
Not to mention that the files from Twitter are of lower resolution.

safe2173526 alternate version86504 artist:dacaoo455 rainbow dash279798 pegasus496158 pony1601729 g42027544 absurd resolution67445 black socks295 clothes634066 cute265612 dashabetes12232 eyebrows24567 eyebrows visible through hair11716 feathered wings2426 female1801844 looking at you259085 mare740585 simple background595786 sitting92288 smiling397122 smiling at you25228 socks95447 solo1425377 transparent background284249 underhoof68918 wing fluff2391 wings222761


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