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its a map

safe2040414 artist:bootsdotexe103 amphiptere19 dragon75946 sea serpent228 comic:beyond our borders66 idw19012 abyssinia18 appleloosa319 applewood36 aquastria21 arimaspi territory22 badlands66 baltimare69 basalt beach43 black skull island25 bone dry desert71 bugbear territory10 canterlot6694 celestial sea10 changeling hive782 cloudsdale1515 continent35 crystal empire2678 crystal mountains15 dodge city19 dragon's lair4 equestria607 everfree forest2404 farasi11 farthest reaches6 fillydelphia148 foal mountain10 forbidden jungle9 frozen north46 ghastly gorge108 great iceberg barrier9 griffish isles28 griffonstone307 guto river3 hailberg3 hakoda1 hall of unity10 hayseed swamp29 high res89922 ho chi mane1 hollow shades29 hope hollow156 horseshoe bay16 irwind1 kirin grove11 klugetown279 kouma1 las pegasus180 lost lagoon8 macintosh hills6 manehattan1189 map1709 map of equestria300 mount aris242 mount everhoof32 mount metazoa7 neighagra falls43 nightmare cliffs6 no pony13661 north luna ocean5 original location52 ornithia11 our town374 panthera2 pine needle barrens15 ponyville7147 rainbow falls (location)74 rambling rock ridge4 rock farm635 romore1 saddle arabia121 sea of clouds20 seaward shoals56 shanghay1 shire lanka1 siam2 sire's hollow161 smokey mountains24 somnambula (location)172 south luna ocean6 storm king's realm11 sweet acorn orchard26 tabbytown1 tall tale18 tartarus488 thrace11 trottingham47 tundra33 twilight's castle5038 vanhoover46 wall of tags5844 whitetail woods49 world map58 yaket range14 yakyakistan174 zebrabwe5 zebrat4


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Pomegranates :P
Yes it is.
It also doesn’t help that the show seem to have deviated from the map geography at some point. They basically tossed the map out of the window and made everything accessible by the Friendship Express rail.
For example,the Kirins are supposed to inhabit a remote tropical looking island in the southeast corner of the shown map that should only have been accessible by ship. But in the show, they are a village in the middle of a jingle nestled in the middle of a Ayers Rock-like mountain surrounded by desert that was the terminus of the Friendship Express. The Hippogriff Kingdom, which is a little island in the middle of the ocean was apparently accessed by rail in the show.