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safe1787314 artist:dandy201 hitch trailblazer2766 earth pony281522 pony1098410 g514280 my little pony: a new generation8482 chest fluff43390 ear fluff33442 grin43097 half-life 2271 high res58204 littering24 looking at you182135 male400335 out of character993 parody15949 pick up that can5 pure unfiltered evil1781 smiling273298 solo1123101 speech bubble25442 stallion121537 text63982 unshorn fetlocks28946


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throws the can at Hitch to make him chase me, picks the can back up, then bunnyback hops all the way back to the previous room and uses the can to get the door stuck, trapping Hitch inside
Background Pony #DCFB
Reminds me of that bit from Freeman’s Mind 2 where he reaches this moment, doesn’t even realize he’s being intimidated, and casually tosses the can in from halfway across the hall.