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Fluttershy’s pregnancy with the last child was difficult. When baby Butter Apple was born, Big Mac was happier than ever. He was not upset by the birth of his 3rd son, he kissed his newborn son with tears in eyes and thanked fate that nothing had happened to him and his wife.
Base by angrypanda1104
Big Macintosh belongs to hasbro and fyre-flye
Butter Apple belongs to marrayala
safe1921489 artist:marrayala28 big macintosh30783 oc810935 oc:butter apple3 earth pony339455 pegasus383432 pony1268879 baby12062 baby pony7667 base used28139 colt17355 crying49177 duo100980 eyes closed115344 father and child1524 father and son1083 holding a pony3646 liquid pride195 male442531 messy mane8884 offspring45651 parent:big macintosh3859 parent:fluttershy5868 parents:fluttermac1700 simple background481350 smiling316034 tears of joy2959 teary eyes5412 transparent background239518 unshorn fetlocks34073 watermark20170


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