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10000 hours of SFM! It’s happening! Check out the news on Argodaemon Twitter!
Quick update: Video is blocked!
A day later after, it has been unblocked.

safe2196251 artist:argodaemon254 coloratura3576 crackle371 fluttershy261021 princess celestia113667 princess luna118117 rainbow dash282730 sci-twi31645 trixie79991 twilight sparkle360887 oc959272 oc:argodaemon12 oc:littlepip5278 bat pony76109 dolphin533 rathalos14 fallout equestria23320 g42052148 1000018 3d124670 alucard223 alushy100 bat ponified5043 clothes644112 element of loyalty1644 female1827455 flutterbat8636 lab coat2971 looking at you264403 mare757147 monster hunter336 musical instrument15423 piano1472 pipboy1015 race swap22068 rara1246 s1 luna8598 sci-twilicorn560 source filmmaker68567 spread wings97214 trumpet420 wings229203 youtube3209 youtube link12887


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