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safe2114806 artist:miokomata1005 fluttershy251747 rainbow dash272560 pegasus469790 pony1475428 g41381890 ahegao32602 bipedal47536 blushing261185 butt218493 cargo ship587 cute256551 dancing10733 dot eyes542 duo155679 female1736502 floating heart5676 floppy ears70131 flutterbutt7784 fluttermop62 freckles41358 freckleshy385 grayscale47489 heart71659 implied flutterdash262 implied lesbian4574 implied shipping6843 mare701009 monochrome171485 mop353 open mouth224581 plot135652 shipping245569 shyabetes18590 simple background567821 sketch79478 sketch dump3843 tongue out141196


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Background Pony #9AB5
Fluttershy thinking that the broom is discord
Fluttershy be like: oh discord please that’s too much.
And when rainbow dash sees she’s like: Fluttershy that’s just a broom not discord I think I need to take you to the or a asylum for a bit