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Just play it cool, Sprout.
safe1902320 artist:saveraedae234 hitch trailblazer5680 sprout cloverleaf1641 earth pony331528 pony1249736 g527131 my little pony: a new generation12966 blushing228018 cheek fluff7440 chest fluff49770 coat markings8010 confused5470 dialogue75971 gay31658 gradient background16039 hitchsprout163 hug32265 male436081 nervous6665 oblivious566 question mark5397 raised hoof56601 shipping222805 socks (coat markings)4652 sprout is a goddamn moron11 stallion139046 stallion on stallion2363 unshorn fetlocks33358


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Uhm, Sprout, I think Hitch already had evidence of you being weird when it comes to you still calling your mother “Mommy.” And honestly, a relationship between you and Hitch would be WAAAY healthier than the Bates Family vibe that you and your mother give off with each other.
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